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• How can I get a commercial interior remodeling permit in the Las Vegas area?

Commercial remodeling projects are often referred to as tenant improvements because they are typically designed for tenants who do not occupy the entire building. This is for projects where their use is already allowed and not subject to special government agencies. This is a best practices and common practices way to go about it... Read More

• What advice do the architects have on how to protect myself from a huge mistake on my commercial project?

Regardless of if this is your first commercial architectural construction project or the tenth there will always be mistakes. This is the nature of “reinventing the wheel”. The key is to keep the mistakes to a minimum through using “Due diligence” in your practices. Here are a few simple steps to avoid a costly disaster: Read More

• Can Ken Small REALLY get a building permit from Clark County 1 day after the plans are done?

Yes Ken Small, Architect can get a building permit for Architectural Construction one day after the plans are done. Read More

• Is a building permit all that I need for my project?

No. There are many other approvals that you may need dependent upon your situation. Read More

• What about dealing with Health Department Approvals?

Generally, anything that comes close to being a Restaurants or a bar or something along those lines will need to go through Health Department review and approval process. Read More

• Can I design my commercial building to look like whatever I want?

In most jurisdictions your project will have to undergo "design review" by a government agency that will have the ability to decline your request. Read More

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