Architectural Project Gallery

Office Buildinga
When it comes to office projects, SSA “has done it all.” We have designed...See more
Public Works
We have provided architectural services to most of the government agencies that serve southern Nevada. Other institutional clients include...See more
Tenant Improvement
We have worked on many different types on tenant improvements, such as, Restaurants, offices, retail stores, government facilities, medical offices, etc. We enjoy... See more
Health Care
We have a broad range of experience in medical work. We have designed and created construction documents for standard ‘B –occupancy’ doctors’ offices, outpatient surgery center, dental offices, minor emergency center, chiropractor, MRI facilities and other kinds of medical facilities. Our experience in this category extends from tiny remodelings to major facilities too.
We have provided architectural services for all kinds of architectural projects from a mall kiosk to huge grocery stores. Other commercial uses...See more
Enabling Design
The Americans with Disabilities Act has been the law for over 20 years now. Many existing project built...See more
Green Building
Energy efficient and sustainable buildings are an area that our team has been working on for a long time. We have designed an entire...See more
We can help you figure out if the use that you want for your project is going to work. We can help your project attain the use permits needed and the zoning changes needed. A preliminary investigation prior to...See more
Coliseum Mausoleum
In our 18 years in this location and prior to that we have done many unusual projects. Our success rate with the unusual is...See more