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• Can I tell my architect to make my commercial building look like whatever I want?

Posted: May 16, 2018

Unfortunately, not. In most jurisdictions your project will have to undergo “design review” by a government agency that will have the ability to decline your request. This does not happen often. but it can. The more common situation is that the bureaucracy will make “suggestions” about what they will be willing to support. In some cases these will be technical in nature. Examples would making room for firefighting apparatus in the event of the fire. holding the building back from the property line, or other similar issues. It is also very common for a local property owners association to have their own approval process that your project will be subject to. All of these kinds of requirements are very specific to the exact property. One property can be encumbered by many requirements and another property of the same size and shape just across the street can be subject to none. Typically each city has its own specific similar rules as does unincorporated Clark County and Nye County. All property owners associations have differing rules and schedules. These time consuming and costly procedures are part of why developers make their money and profit from building speculative buildings. So if you start with vacant land to save money you may not end up with an actual savings of either time or money. SSA architecture has a great deal of experience in doing this kind of procedure and we can walk your project through what may appear to be a confusing myriad of rules to a beginner.

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For details on your specific property please call for an appointment and give us your property assessor’s parcel number before the meeting.