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• I have a rush architectural project. Can I get permit expediting by an architect in Las Vegas?

Posted: May 16, 2018

SSA Architecture provides permit expediting services for architectural projects. In the largest jurisdiction in the Las Vegas area (unincorporated Clark County) Ken Small, owner of SSA is one of only two architects who can obtain a permit one day after the completed plans are submitted to the building department. This program is called “Permit Now”. In North Las Vegas their ‘rush job’ process is 4 building department working days. In other jurisdictions they have other (slower) rules. But regardless of the location of your project we offer permit expediting processing in order to help to rush your project through the permitting process.

Can I get permit expediting by an architect in Las Vegas

There is a great deal of variation in how the numerous jurisdictions will allow a project to be expedited and it also depends upon what your project is.

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architectural permit expediting