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ADA Architects Las Vegas FAQ

ADA Architects Las Vegas FAQ

SSA Architecture’s staff are exceptionally well trained in ADA, Fair Housing Amendments Act, UFAS, ‘Section 504,’ and ANSI 117.1 requirements for persons with disabilities. We have created training seminars and “Webinars” accredited by the American Institute of Architects for advanced training of other architects. Among the services that we offer are plan reviews, site surveys, professional witness, and general consulting. Other disability regulation related services are too numerous to list here. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been the law for over 20 years now. Many existing project built some time ago are out of compliance and need corrections. We have designed corrective remodeling projects for many clients to need to come into compliance with the ADA and all other disability related regulations. Below is the Frequently Asked Questions for ADA.

Q: I am about to buy property and am not sure what I need to protect myself against ADA violations. What can you do for me?

A: SSA provides a “site survey” service. We go to your site and observe the conditions and then report to you on deficiencies in compliance of the disability regulations. This can be a written report or we can just explain it to you for smaller issues. Generally a site survey is a report in writing and includes photos.

Q: Other than for my understanding of what is wrong with a piece of property, what other value does a site survey have?

A: Buyers show to sellers and ask for a discounted sale price. Commercial property generally sells according to the value of income less repairs needed. ADA violations have to be fixed just as much as a leaky roof, and therefore it is common to have sellers discount their selling price to accommodate these kinds of repairs.

Q: Does an ADA site survey include design of repairs and cost of repairs?

A: Typically an ADA site survey does not include cost estimates or design of repairs. However, we can provide both design and cost estimating of ADA or disability regulation remediation construction cost.

Q: Will SSA provide sketches explaining the solution for construction repairs?

A: Yes, but be aware that if permits are required then sketches will probably not be sufficient for permitting. However, some onsite repairs may be constructible without permitting. Simple repair/replacement of walks and construction repair like that may require permits and not require drawings. Sketches are only for experienced persons such as experienced concrete subcontractors and not offered as being sufficient for the inexperienced to build from.

Q: Will SSA provide construction documents adequate to permit and bid the work from?

A: Yes, SSA offers the service of construction documents, and will assist in bidding out to contractors if the client requires these services.

Q: Does SSA have a person who can assist in the capacity of a professional witness on disability regulation related lawsuits?

A: Yes, we have a person who is highly qualified.