Ada Consultant Architects Las Vegas

The Americans with Disability Act has been the law far over 25 years now. Many existing projects built some time ago are out of compliance and need corrections. We have designed corrective remodling projects for many clients who need to come into compliance with the ADA and all other disbility related regulations. Most Las Vegas architectural consultant clients are primarily interested in haveing a nice looking project and having with in budget. These are always the first thoughts upon the start of a new project. Many clients only think of hiring formally trained and certified ADA consultant architects for their Las Vegas, Nevada, Arizona or California Work after they are beign sued for ADA voilations, While this is not the glamourous part of the work full and complete compliance with the ADA is a requirement by federal Law.

Most property owners dont understand that ADA compliance is not enforced by Las Vegas area building departments like it is in California. Therefore, there are undoubtedly construction projects being build right now that will be out of compliance with ADA when finished. Ken small is an International code conference License {Accessibilty Regulation}. Building Inspector and plan Exterior. Ken and Christine small spent the year prior to the implementation of the ADA ‘2010 standards’ touring the USA to provide training classes to hundreds of architects ADA consultants and other design professionals. They were hired by a major architect training firm to create over 8 hours of ADA consulting related AIA Certified learning programs for architects and to tour while giving the training classes which qualities then as ” Expert Consultant”.

As ADA architects consultants in LAS Vegas. We are constatntly designing projects both for Las Vegas and other locations that are fully ADa compliant and designing corrections for existing project repairs. If you are in recepit of an ADA related compiant, please come to see us for a free initial consultaion in our office. ADA is required for Comercial projects. There is not to be “Grandfather” in the ADA law.