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Coliseum Mausoleum

Coliseum Mausoleum Architectural Design and Entitlements – Coliseum Mausoleum is destined to be a famous Las Vegas landmark of the future. Unique as any architectural style can be it is covered with Jade inside and out. As the name implies it is a Mausoleum. It is also a place to hold a Las Vegas style wake complete with a huge hall that has a tavern with gambling and alcohol. The project evolved around the company’s ability to record a holographic image of those to be interred there and play it back for visitors. The approximately 80,000 square foot two story building houses a long sloped interior walkway with water fountains on either side and a huge glass display vault for those interred to leave whatever they like on display. The building has an interior waterfall and multiple holographic preparation and display areas. There is also building interior VIP parking for limousines and hearses as well as a flower and other shops. The building is designed to be a continual series of experiences going from the entry at the gate to exiting the building.

Ken and SSA Architecture provided the entitlement documents for two town board zoning cases one for the pub license and one for enhanced entitlements. extensive modeling was done including a model of the overall site and large scale model of a wall detail.

The grounds include a gazebo for exterior ceremonies and contemplation as well as other grounds amenities to allow the bereaved to walk in contemplation. This project has received an endorsement from a noteworthy celebrity who we are not permitted to name. If you only know who it was you would understand what I mean when I say that it is destined to be a landmark of the future.