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Architect Las Vegas Offices El Gran

El Gran Office Building


El Gran Patrone Building – Just at the end of downtown 4th street where it meets Charleston used to be a lot of buildings vying for the title “Ugliest bad design ever”. In 2000 one of the buyers of an old building on that site gave Ken a chance to provide architectural design the remodeling of it. The old building had no or an indistinguishable architectural style. Old Las Vegas had many fine buildings that were 70’s modern so it was decided to go with a 70’s modern retro style. This was to get the building to be noticeable at the very busy location and to architecturally rationalize some appendages that needed to be stuck onto the building as well as rationalizing those already stuck on without any architectural thought. The whole thing came out really great and the client made a very good investment from what was a very poor old building in bad condition. Our philosophy is that budget driven architecture can be good for the community and good looking while conforming to the client’s financial and functional needs. This was a successful architectural project because it did just that. Since built, the client sold the building at a substantial profit and the building has stood the test of time by itself.