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Tenant Improvement – Cenegenics

Cenegenics Medical Institute Architectural Design and Interior Design – The architects on this project worked with the clients ideas and concepts to create an international headquarters for the Cenegenics Medical Institute. Cenegenics had many offices both nationally and internationally prior to deciding to redesign its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. While their original corporate offices had been designed with an eclectic concept, Cenegenics had constructed many satellite offices elsewhere using a simple modern style that they wanted to being to their new headquarters.

Among the design challenges was the fact that the client needed to utilize the spaces as each was built out causing traffic flow considerations between their staff, clients and contractors. Also, their company logo colors are purple and green, creating challenges in interior color selection to match. As the acoustics were poor in their prior offices SSA incorporated forward thinking design concepts in the private offices and in the VIP rooms where clients frequently spend that day while visiting the institute.

While Ken Small has a great deal of experience in “B Type” medical occupancies this project turned out particularly well given the design challenges because the client was forward thinking and willing to think outside the box to achieve its aggressive architectural goals both in terms of time and work flow