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Nevada Realty Solutions

Nevada Realty Solutions – This tenant improvement project is one of Ken’s favorite interior construction projects because he got the opportunity to work with a forward thinking client who wanted to have a first class modern architectural design with interior design services for a new concept. Two companies wanted to share a building and certain resources; lobby, copier areas, break area, conference rooms and rest rooms in order to take advantage of the synergies of the two businesses. However, due to regulatory requirements they directed the architects to keep other functions apart. Due to the very strong employment market at that time the companies wanted to create a fun and modern inviting work environment to attract staff and tenants. Each company had special requirements to lay out their work flow. These were accomplished with rave reviews. The clients showed Ken a project that they found attractive as an example. There were also colors and materials, including travertine, on the shell building exterior which they wanted to include indoors also. Ken and his team took this as a point of departure for the client’s bold modern taste and came out with this wonderful fun space which worked great for them. Unique features of the design are the white plastic curved walls in the lobby conference rooms and the red free form curved break area walls. This project is a modern architecture stile, an 8,000 square foot tenant improvement in a new shell building.