Models And Rendering

SSA has the capability of providing our clients just about every type of modeling known to architectural practice. The above samples are (from top to bottom and left to right): 

The top left picture shows a section of wall created for enlarged detail analysis constructed from crescent board. 

Top center is a crescent board model of an overall site.  The second picture shows a model at smaller scale and that model has removable parts so that the viewer can see both before and after. 

The top right model is made of plastic and is created mathematically using a prototyping machine.  SSA input the full scale data of the project in an electronic model.  Computers then scaled the information down to make a very accurate model of the contemplated work. 

The center left model shows new buildings to be constructed on a site with existing buildings and was constructed so that those not familiar with architectural drawings could comprehend the relationship between old and new. 

The center right model is a study model of one section of a building to allow the designers and owners to see the relationship between outside and inside.  This model was constructed of foam core and pinned together temporarily to allow the same model to be used to try various scenarios. 

The lower left model was created from the same electronic model that SSA used to compare daylighting design and make an animation.  It is made of plastic on a prototyping machine.  the ability to use the same electronic data to do both electronic and physical modeling is valuable in terms of cost and time productivity.

Center bottom is a crescent board model that shows the old buildings, then new buildings and large landscaping items in order to make understanding the relationships mode comprehensible.  It too has removable/replicable parts to make before and after understandable.

Lower right shows electronic modeling of daylighting.  the same software can also do acoustic and  thermal performance modeling.  Contrary to the general public perception, software that does this type of work is still more of an art form than a science.  so SSA sometimes uses multiple software applications to back-check each other thereby giving the client a more fine tuned result and more “Bang for the (Construction) buck”.

IGS Office Building

Hadfield Office complex

Cenegenics Medical Institute

WRS Office Building

Eastern Canyon Plaza

Enviro Tech Complex

Prestige Office Complex

EI Gran Office Building

Zockoll Office Building