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• Is a building permit all that I need for my project?

No. There are many other approvals that you MAY need dependent upon your situation. The first thing to inquire about is the zoning for your project. If you don’t have the correct zoning then that is a separate process that takes multiple months to get approved. Certain projects need use permits for that use regardless of the zoning. Examples of projects that need use permits are: gambling, bars, liquor stores, marijuana related projects, car sales and others. The use permit process is similar to the zoning process in that the time line takes a long time and cannot be rushed much. This is because your project has to go through a number of steps and appear before public hearings. These public hearings occur on fixed schedules that have no relation to your project and have been predetermined. There are also legal public notice procedures that take time before your project can be on these agendas. For instance, we draw up what you want, show it to the bureaucracy for comment, show you what they asked for to get their support, draw up the revisions, and submit to the approval staff. Then the approval processing staff schedule it to be on the town board meeting that occurs next. That next available meeting could be in two weeks or five. Then if the town board had comments or required revisions or notes be added, we add them or revise and go back to get scheduled on the planning commission agenda for their next meeting which could be in two weeks or two months and it continues until the city council or the county commission approve at their meeting. If your project is not controversial then it probably will take 90 days for this process. If your project is controversial then it could take forever or get rejected. The time lines above do not assume that you will use SSA for your architect they are general assuming that you have a competent architect.

We have done this kind of work successfully many times. But it is important to understand that no one guarantees success and sometimes you will need a lawyer in addition to SSA. As with all of our work the initial consultation in our office is free. You will need to tell us some specifics to know more then we said here.