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Prestige Office Complex

Prestige Office Complex - The architects were hired to design a 16,000 square foot 2 story office building in 2000. This particular site had another building that was designed by one of the forerunner companies that eventually became SSA Architecture, Small Studio Associates, LLC. The client was very pleased with the previous work and wanted a very similar building making a pair. We consider it a high compliment when the client likes an architect’s work so much that he wants another one just like the last so we did almost the same thing. The interior design is different but the exteriors are almost identical. Ken Small has done most if not all of the interior tenant improvements in the building as ongoing tenants have come and gone. In 2006 Ken designed offices for the top floor east side completing the build outs. As Las Vegas has sprawled to its outskirts we have been fortunate to provide sensitively designed urban infill architecture to compliment what is nearby and particularly the neighborhood. We believe that architecture can be both economically driven and compatible with the urban fabric. It is up to the architects to achieve both for our clients.