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• What is an ADA site survey? Do I need an ADA survey?

Posted June 21, 2018

Background: The federal law known as the Americans with Disabilities Act has been a requirement for over 20 years. That law includes many architectural requirements, such as ramps, clearances around doors, and grab bars. Because the building department in Nevada is not tasked with checking for ADA compliance, many buildings exist that are not ADA compliant.

For this reason, many business owners order ADA services for Las Vegas Buildings. When an ADA survey is created we go to the project site and evaluate the existing conditions. We then write a report listing the conditions that are out of compliance with the ADA. Typically ADA surveys include identification of what section of the ADA each problem relates to. The report would normally be in a list format so that the building owners can use it as a “checklist” to bring the property into ADA compliance.

These ADA surveys are often used to negotiate property sale prices as most buyers do not want to own property subject to discrimination claims. Sometimes an ADA survey will lead to the need for construction documents to remediate problems. Many ADA problems are minor enough to be corrected without the need for permits. SSA Architecture offers architectural construction documents for ADA corrections as a service. However, the design of repairs is not normally included in the ADA survey.

Architectural clients and ADA survey clients often ask if their building conditions are “grandfathered” and can remain as they were built before the ADA. There may be some small chance that your building’s non-ADA compliant condition is allowed (by law) to remain. However 99.9% of the time those items need to be corrected.

At SSA Architecture ADA surveys are done on a first come first served basis. After the process is begun a common time for completion (for small projects) is 2 weeks. Times vary dependent upon our schedule and we do offer “rush ADA survey” pricing.


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