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• When do I need a commercial project building permit?

Posted: December 19, 2018

Of the many architectural clients that have gotten themselves into a problem with the building department, many have built without permits. So we are often asked: “Do I really need a permit?” or “Do I really have to have a permit?” Many property owners can sneak in some construction without getting caught in the moment of their activity. But, later, government employees come by to check on the building when a business license is pulled and then they have a significant problem. This may be even more important after a problem that causes an insurance claim or bodily harm. The perpetrator of building without a permit can end up unable to collect on an insurance claim or with a negligence claim from whoever got harmed by non-permitted work. While the permitting process for most items does not even require architectural plans or drawings, the information on what is being done is required by the building department. Submission for a permit does not require an architect or a general contractor in many instances. For instance, your electrician can submit to obtain a permit to add an electric outlet. Your sign installer can obtain a sign permit. If you are changing walls or your roof then you will likely require a set of architectural drawings. For more utilitarian structures a structural or civil engineers drawing set may be sufficient for permitting.

The video linked below details more concerns such as the (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act compliance that could control construction of both new and remodeling projects including some work that does not require permits.

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