Las Vegas Architect Articles

• Design Review: Not in Compliance with the Rules

SSA Architecture has worked as an architectural firms Las Vegas for over 20 years and in that time SSA has done a multitude of projects including built from the ground up and building remodeling design projects. It is common place for us to take an as built site plan and draw a sketch of the… Read More

• Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment

Recently health has become a major concern in the world of architecture and more specifically medical oriented architecture as it has rapidly become more important to prevent the spread of virus, germs, and diseases. There are many things that can be done to your residential or commercial building design that can improve the overall health… Read More

• 6 Things to Do Before You Start Drawing Your New Building’s Blueprints

SSA Architecture is experienced in drawing new commercial building “blueprints” as most other architects in Las Vegas are. With that experience we have found there are some steps that make the “Drafting Plans” process smoother. These are a few things that you should look into doing to expedite the design and construction documents process. Preliminary… Read More

• Architectural Design Services – Absolutely Amazing!!!

Designing is something that brings life and authenticity to any building either it is residential or commercial. As every client has unique needs associated with their construction and architectural projects. We must thank to all the latest technologies due to which, the experienced and professional design team of SSA Architecture, Small Studio Associates enables you… Read More

• Is An Architect Is Necessary For Your Home Customization?

There is one question that I often hear: “Do I need an architect?” Well, custom home building is something that has lots of popularity in today’s architecture field and has been completely revolutionized with the advanced technology available. It cannot be denied that home customization is something that requires lots of creativity. Undoubtedly, individuals are… Read More

• Why an Architect’s Voice is Their Most Important Tool in Las Vegas – Top Three Reasons

“One of the Best Beauties of Architecture is that Each Time It is Like Life Starting All Over Again” Undoubtedly, an architect is a person who brings life to your residential or commercial buildings. As we all know that being an architecture, it is a job of visualization in which, building speaks for themselves. Today,… Read More

• When do I need a commercial project building permit?

Posted: December 19, 2018 Of the many architectural clients that have gotten themselves into a problem with the building department, many have built without permits. So we are often asked: “Do I really need a permit?” or “Do I really have to have a permit?” Many property owners can sneak in some construction without getting… Read More

• What is an ADA site survey? Do I need an ADA survey?

Posted June 21, 2018 Background: The federal law known as the Americans with Disabilities Act has been a requirement for over 20 years. That law includes many architectural requirements, such as ramps, clearances around doors, and grab bars. Because the building department in Nevada is not tasked with checking for ADA compliance, many buildings exist… Read More

• I just bought a really ugly building because of its location and price. What can be done to make it look good without breaking the bank?

Posted May 18, 2018 There are a lot of good solutions to make an ugly Las Vegas building presentable and possibly beautifully designed. Clients have recently used our architectural design services to “re-skin” a commercial stucco building. This simply means that the existing architectural façade of the old office building was covered over with some… Read More

• I have a rush architectural project. Can I get permit expediting by an architect in Las Vegas?

Posted: May 16, 2018 SSA Architecture provides permit expediting services for architectural projects. In the largest jurisdiction in the Las Vegas area (unincorporated Clark County) Ken Small, owner of SSA is one of only two architects who can obtain a permit one day after the completed plans are submitted to the building department. This program… Read More