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SSA Architecture and Ken Small have many years of experience in restaurant design. That includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, bars, food kiosks, drive-thru restaurants, and similar restaurant and bar construction projects. We have designed dozens of restaurants both large and small. We can help you with all design and construction aspects of your restaurant's planning and interior design. We highly recommend that you contact SSA Architecture to do a preliminary architectural floor plan design before you sign your lease or even make an offer to buy or lease a building for restaurant use. For a small investment this due diligence can make sure that your planned use will work ideally and you can use the preliminary restaurant design to get a “Ball-park” opinion of probable construction cost from a contractor. With that methodology you can verify that your business plan will work. Many people think that attractive architectural design and interior design means unaffordable costs. However, many restaurants fail, not because the food is bad, but because the design is not attractive to customers. We can’t help you if your food tastes bad. But attractive design will get them in the door to taste it. With services like Yelp and others people will post pictures of your restaurant and you want it to look attractive. Most restaurant clients hiring architects in the Las Vegas area want to order services “a-la-carte” so services are available as you want.
  1. Preliminary design for proof of concept and to attach to lease for landlord approval.
  2. Construction documents for contractor bidding and approval by building department.
  3. Equipment selection
  4. Interior design
  5. Clark County Health Department processing of your application.
  6. Construction supervision and observation.
  7. Documentation of your construction process to support construction funding disbursement.

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