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Architectural Clients’ Testimonials

On two industrial complexes that my company developed we had two projects to award architectural contracts. So I gave one to Ken and one to a competitor. The competitor’s job ran $200,000 in extras discovered during the job. The job that Ken drew finished with nearly no extras at all. I can sure tell the difference in having a good clear set of plans like he draws.

Gerald M. – Las Vegas / client

Ken has been performing architectural work on tenant improvements for me for years. He gets the work done with quality drawings and affordable prices.

Garrett B. – Las Vegas / client

I don’t know if anyone said WOW besides me, but I am fairly certain they did. Everything looks great; nice work, Ken.

Ben S. – Las Vegas / client

I asked Ken to come over and look at what I thought was major work. He showed me how to move my furniture around and paint to get what I was looking for. What started out in my mind as major cost and inconvenience ended up costing me and hour of Ken’s time and $500 for the painter. Ken’s experience saved me lots!

Maureen R. – Dallas / client

WOW Ken, these look great. I like seeing the dimensions and the colors look great. Ken, you are by far the best Architect I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for your work, I look forward to working with you on all future projects.

Shane M. – Las Vegas / client

Thank you so much for your help on this project. It looks great!

Dr. D. – Las Vegas / client

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